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Steve's Water Mission in Uganda

Following Steve Morgan’s appearance on the Channel 4 TV show, Millionaires’ Mission, the lives of thousands of people in deprived communities in South West Uganda have been transformed by the introduction of running water to their villages. Surviving on subsistence farming and keeping a few animals, the families in these communities had to walk for two to three hours several times a day to pick up water, a job which fell to the children, who were therefore missing out on their education.

For Steve the need for running water was obvious, making it happen was harder, particularly given the challenges presented by the poor roads, mountainous terrain and the inaccessibility of the villages. Using his civil engineering background he designed and built a system, which captures the water from several springs, which in turn feeds two separate reservoirs. A solar powered pumping system then pumps the water to the top of the mountain into concrete receptor tanks, which in turn feed the 16km of gravity water mains and 70 tap stands.

In total, the water system, which was achieved in partnership with the Ugandan Government, the District Council and the local community, has benefited around 4,000 people and five schools in the remote valleys of Nyakasiru and Karorwa.

While Steve was in the region, he also took the opportunity to share his other passion – football. Three sets of Wolves junior football kits were distributed to the villages of Nyakasiru, Karorwa and Bukinda together with two sets of kit from the Academy to the two secondary schools. Before leaving Steve had cultivated a whole new branch of Wolves supporters!