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Testimonials from our supported groups and charities

'I am in no doubt, that without the support of the Morgan Foundation, we would not be in the fortunate position we find ourselves. We acknowledge the benefits your funding has provided and hope that we maintain contact.'
Sheila Howard, Manager, Bosco House

'I know that I keep on repeating the same thing, but we are deeply indebted to the trustees of the Morgan Foundation for allowing us the opportunity to provide an essential service for our membership. I am sure that this applies to many other organisations that have benefited from the generosity of the Foundation.'
Mr J Whittle, Chairman, The Harris Club for the Disabled (Speke)

'The Morgan Foundation Smiley Bus is used on a daily basis taking the children horse riding, swimming; visits to the local Park, library etc. It has made such a huge difference for us and we are continually grateful for your fabulous support.'
Hazel Breckon, Ysgol Pen Coch Special School

'The money you awarded us did more than just employ two part time staff. It was instrumental in bringing about the huge change that was so badly needed. Once again, thank you very much.'
Christine Ross, Liverpool Bereavement Services

'Thanks to The Morgan Foundation, your contribution has truly been a gift to our community and staff alike, enabling us to achieve so many of our strategic and ethical promises to this organisation, community, its ward and the city as a whole.'
Donna Williamson, Volunteer Co-ordinator, The Rotunda

'The three years have flown and the support from the Morgan Foundation has been amazing, so a personal 'Thank You'. The funding provided has enable Fareshare Merseyside to develop, progress and excel within numerous areas such as number of of community groups supported, the amount of food redistributed and we are now considered a top performing regional distribution centre within the Fareshare Network.'
Charlene Spencer, Project Manager, FareShare

'In the 5 years since the Morgan Foundation so kindly gave us our Smiley Bus it has been the workhorse of our fleet. The Smiley Bus really has made a difference to people's lives and will continue to do so, as long as it will keep going. It is great for us to have such a large and versatile vehicle and having it from new too was a real treat and a real boost to our volunteers, as our other vehicles are much older and pre-loved more than once in most cases.'
Laurel Roberts, Chief Officer, Oswestry Community Action

'The bus has been a lifeline for our clients, bringing them from their homes daily into the centre, where they have attended courses and sports. We are very grateful for the privileged use of the bus over the last five years and hope to carry on with our work for a long time to come.

'We can't thank you enough for the kindness you showed us and the difference this bus has made to the clients' lives.'
Diane Durrant, Chairman, Centre for Independent Living

'On behalf of all at Women's Enterprising Breakthrough (WEB), I am writing to personally 'Thank You' and of course a 'Great Big Thank You' to Morgan Foundation for all their support and encouragement over the last 3 years.

'I truly believe that without your faith and support in WEB at that crucial time, that we may not have survived and gone on to achieve all the wonderful things we have done over the last 3 years. It has been a hard and difficult struggle, with many ups and downs. But I am happy to report that WEB is now +prospering and growing and reaching even more men, women and children than we ever have done before (over 650 in last 3 years of funding). I really do want 'Steve Morgan and All trustees' at the Morgan Foundation to understand how appreciative we are of all yours/their support. We feel particularly blessed to have had your support and encouragement over this period.

'Many, many thanks and our deepest respect to you all, for supporting our work to continue. It is with support from wonderful individuals and organisations like yours that
enables WEB to continue the progressive work we have done in the community for the
last 18 years.'
Bernadette King, Centre Manager, Women's Enterprising Breakthrough

'Everything we have done in the last three years points to either bigger numbers, more events and more scope, the basis of this is to have reliable transportation and the financial security in place, when around us clubs and groups have struggled, we have continued to build on everything we believe in and this is just as much down to The Morgan Foundation as well as the dedicated volunteers we have. With your help I now feel most of my dreams have been fulfilled. Thank you so much.'
Cheshire Penguins Swimming Club (SMILEY BUS)

'Just to say a big THANKYOU to all at Morgan Foundation as Zero Centre reaches the end of three years' vital support from you. It has made a real difference to our ability to keep finances and services stable, helping us to support hundreds of women and children to recover from domestic abuse. We cannot thank you enough and we wish you all well.'
Zero Centre, Merseyside

'With the kindness and support from Morgan Foundation we have been able to work in our ideal building offering much needed services to the people of Warrington at a time when they needed us.'
Chris Holt, Founder & Co-ordinator, The John Holt Cancer Foundation

'May this wonderful organisation continue to help groups like ours to support the people who have had tough journeys through life for whatever reason and create a fully inclusive society for each and every person. Well done Steve Morgan and all of your staff.'
Amputees & Carers Support in Liverpool

'We are deeply indebted to the Trustees of the Morgan Foundation for allowing us the opportunity to provide an essential service for our membership. Sometimes I look at our vehicle and wonder how fortunate we are in having such a handsome minibus!'
The Harris Club for the Disabled, Speke (SMILEY BUS)

'Our anthem is 'You'll never walk alone' and we now have The Morgan Foundation walking with us. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. We are just so delighted that you have agreed to support our work, your funding along with introductions to other community projects have helped us to not only continue with our work, but further develop our services and volunteering within the local community.'
Vicky Holmes, Manager, South Liverpool VIP

'Many thanks to the Morgan Foundation. Your funding at this time protects our service and will also allow us to retain a strong community development focus in Speke. It will enable us to develop work with young people that we know is needed in our community and beyond.'
Susan Roberts, Director, Five Children & Families Trust

'A huge big thanks to the Morgan Foundation for the funding for a Family Support Worker and Jane for her assistance and support guiding us through the funding process. It has enabled us to develop other services at the centre and made such a difference to the lives of children and their families.'
Marie Savin, Netherton Park Neighbourhood Centre Manager

'Onwards and upwards Jane, thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragement, you know I think the world of you, and so appreciate how you have supported us in the darkest times, without your support we wouldn't have survived this long, you just spurred us onto greater things, so we will always be grateful for yours/Morgan Foundation's Support.'
Bernie King, Women's Enterprising Breakthrough

'The Forum would like to thank you from all our carers for your caring and understanding and support with the funding. Without you we could not have achieved these projects. Thank you again for giving carers something to look forward to and improving their quality of life.'
Barry Doyle, Halton Mental Health Carers Project

'I would like to thank The Morgan Foundation and Jane Harris for their grant and continued support during these last three years. It has helped us to help so many families and to expand the project to offer more much needed services.'
Angela McCormick, Huyton Parish Family Worker

'Just once again, a huge Thank You to everyone involved at the Morgan Foundation for believing in us and giving us our "first break" in securing funds.'
Cathy Manley, Founder Jus Kidz

'I just want to say thank you so much for the support you have given to us over the last three years and particularly over the last 12 months. I've never felt worried or intimidated when calling you up for information or advice as is often the case when making contact with other grant making trusts, so I thank you on a personal level for that.'
Sue Dwyer, Manager at WAM Friendship Centre in Picton, Liverpool

'I just want you to know that we have now had a surplus in our last three years accounts, and we are managing to build a few months reserves. Since The Morgan Foundation took a chance on us everyone who has come to visit has funded us and on behalf of our service users I wish to sincerely thank you for your belief and support.'
Lorraine Webb, Chief Officer, The Venus Centre

'We have valued so much the support you have given us over the last three years, not just the money but having Jane at the end of the phone to talk too. She has been so helpful with advice and ideas. The work of The Morgan Foundation has made such a difference here at Open Door Project and Holy Trinity Kids for people in Runcorn who often feel forgotten and unimportant.'
Marion Hayes, Project Manager Open Door & Holy Trinity Kids, Runcorn

'Despite receiving lavish praise over the years from academics, policy makers and the media, the Venture's future has been in severe jeopardy following the sudden and dramatic reduction in core funding from the local council. The generous and timely grant from the Morgan Foundation has given us a lifeline for which we will be eternally grateful.'
Malcolm King, OBE, Chief Officer, The Venture

'As we celebrate 25 years of innovative and acclaimed work with young people, Yellow House would like to thank The Morgan Foundation for their tremendous and generous support which has kept us alive through these recent tough times and has played a very important role in making a powerful and life changing difference to so many people.

The Morgan Foundation should be proud of the positive effect they have made to the day to day lives of seriously excluded young people.'
George McKane Founder/Director Yellow House

'We are so grateful to The Morgan Foundation for their grant. It has been a regular source of income each month and was particularly important as we experienced financial difficulties. It has enabled us to continue to support families – without it we would not have been able to do this very necessary work. Having this funding has also helped us when we have put in other funding applications.'
Ferries and Port Sunlight Family Groups

'Thank you so much for our three year grant. This was such a lifeline for us at a crucial time. You really made a difference!'
Widnes and Runcorn Cancer Support Group

'We are very grateful to The Morgan Foundation for their invaluable support which has enabled us to deliver direct support to families in North West Wales. We have had a very good and positive relationship with the Morgan Foundation at all stages and find your reporting procedures very user friendly. Many thanks for your continued support. Diolch yn Fawr.'
Contact a Family North Wales

'This grant was made available to us at a time when we feared that we may have to close. Our gratitude as an organisation can only be measured by the number of adults and children that have benefited from the support they have received. Many thanks from Cruse for your considerable support for the last three years.'
Cruse Bereavement, North Wales

'Your funding has been instrumental in the wider development of our Intergenerational Work, whilst enabling us to work with the most vulnerable in our local community.'
Sefton OPERA