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The Morgan Foundation Charity Golf Day aims to raise money to offer life saving or life changing equipment to children and young people across our region. In light of this, we have chosen Newlife as our chosen charity for 2014.

Every day across the UK children become disabled or are diagnosed as being terminally ill. That's why Newlife exists - to support children and their families when they need it most. Newlife nurses listen daily to families who are facing the trauma of a diagnosis and who are struggling to find, and afford, the equipment they desperately need to make their child's life more comfortable.

The provision of equipment from health and social care services is often hit and miss nationally, with statutory providers failing to meet the growing need due to budget cuts and limited resources. Equipment can relieve pain, aid mobility, assist communication, give independence, keep a child safe or enable them to excel or learn. That's why Newlife equipment grants and loans are so important. They 'enable' children and families and make a major impact on their lives.

Newlife also recognises the specific needs of terminally ill children who can't wait for statutory services to respond to their needs. The 'Just Can't Wait' equipment loan service aims to deliver items from its suite of specialist equipment within 72 hours anywhere in the UK. The truth is that if Newlife didn't exist to bridge the gap, many children would simply go without.

Since 1991, Newlife has helped over 7,000 children through the provision of essential equipment grants and loans.

The very special and complex needs of disabled children and their families often mean that they are overlooked and so Newlife's campaigning acts as their voice, creating awareness about the challenges they face and the need for a fair deal. Newlife also funds vital medical research to help understand, prevent and treat conditions that limit or disable children, investing £15 million in over 200 research projects across the UK. In 2012 the Newlife Birth Defects Research Centre opened its doors at Great Ormond Street Hospital, filling a critical niche in UK and European biomedical research.

Newlife believes that around 250,000 children in the UK are living without the specialist equipment they need.