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How To Apply


First, please ensure that you are eligible under our policy:

  • Check that your organisation/project is based within our geographic area.
  • Check that your organisation/project is not listed in our exclusions.
  • Ring us for an informal chat.

Before finalising or submitting an application please telephone for an informal chat to check that your proposed application falls in line with current policy. We understand that it can be daunting to pick up the phone, but we believe that an initial chat can save you and us lots of wasted time, and we will be happy to give you guidance as to what specific information we need to process your application. Our number is 01829 782800.

Applicants tell us that our process is positive and helpful - recent beneficiaries had this to say:

'The application process was very straightforward and the questions asked were clear and direct. The website and staff provided excellent support that ensured any issues, confusion or concerns were easily addressed.

The initial phone conversation prior to application is really good practice - you are saving organisations a considerable amount of time filling in applications if they or their project are fundamentally unsuitable for Morgan Foundation funding. Taking time out to visit the projects you are funding is at your credit - it must really help you in your decision making process in terms of identifying real need in the community.'

'I have completed a large number of funding applications recently and I consider the Morgan Foundation application process to be the best of all. The personal approach offered to applicants through telephone support and the visits you make ensures you gain a good knowledge of the organisation requesting funding. It also encourages the organisation to put forward a strong and thorough case of need for the funding.'

Application Procedure

Once you have contacted us by phone and it has been agreed that your application is appropriate, we will ask you to send in a description of your organisation, its history, activities, volunteers, beneficiaries, achievements to date and current funding needs. Please enclose copies of most recent reports and accounts. If you have a project in mind, describe its purpose, targets, budget, and timescale.

All applications will be acknowledged and we will contact you for any further information we require. All charities and projects will be visited before a grant is approved.

Timing of Applications: Trustee Meetings are held regularly throughout the year and there are no specific dates for applications to be received. However, organisations should be aware that applications are considered in chronological order and it can take up to six months for the process to be completed.

Effectiveness of Funding

We are committed to maximising the effectiveness of our funding, so all awards are monitored to assess their success in fulfilling the objectives of the Morgan Foundation to ‘make a difference'.

The methods and requirements of this process will vary depending on the type and purpose of the funding and will be agreed in advance with the recipients. For example, in cases of core or project funding we would require regular reports and updates and would visit the organisation periodically to maintain contact and ensure we were offering the best form of support.

Grant recipients are encouraged to develop suitable monitoring and reporting procedures in partnership with us, to enable clear results of their work to be demonstrated.

Unsuccessful Applications

Like most charitable foundations we receive many more applications than we can fund, so unfortunately we do have to turn down some projects even if they fall within our eligibility criteria.